Lighthouses of the Salish Sea


whalesSalish Sea: the return of humpback whales

Man has a habit of wrecking parts of the planet for other species, but man can also contribute to the thriving of animals if he chooses to. For long humpback whales in the waters around British Columbia now known as “Salish Sea” were on the decline, today thanks to conservation efforts in the region there has been a spike in the number of humpback whales spotted in the region.

This is good news because at some point in the past humpback whales were listed as endangered species in the region, according to recent estimates the number of humpback whales in the salish sea has passed the 20, 000 mark, now that’s lots of whales.

Whale watching is an activity that has important environmental and socio economic benefits; whale watching supports many local businesses in British Columbia making Salish Sea a very important part of the region.

Benefits of whale watching

On an individual level whale watching has many benefits for you, for one it offers you the chance to get up close and personal to the largest mammal on the planet. This makes it a memorable experience that you won’t want to forget any time soon, on top of that it is a good way to spend your vacation, instead of sitting around watching televisions all summer you should consider going out there and experience whale watching. This is healthy for your body and minds.

Another reason to go whale watching is the activity is very safe; it is extremely rare to hear about whales attacking humans.

Whales also support the tourism industry; if you are a resident of British Columbia you can take advantage of this and start a business based on whales. This will help you to generate income, for instance, you can decide to become a guide or offer accommodation to tourists who visit the area.

Whale conservation

You should note that human activities interfere with whale behavior, for instance, whales tend to avoid areas that have heavy human activities. When you go out whale watching make sure that you are doing just that and nothing more, you see there are illegal whale hunters who sell their loot in the black market. These parts are used to make things such as soap, margarine, additives and corset materials.

What you can do to help in eradicating these practices is avoid products that are made using whale parts. Remember, if you are caught hunting whales you will face jail time and a steep fee.

You should take note that whales in the Salish Sea play a very important role in the stabilization of the food chain, if they become extinct the chain will be destabilized and the region will change forever and no one wants that. Also whales have created a lot of jobs in and around the Salish Sea this makes them a very important part of the ecosystem and therefore they must be protected.

The Salish Sea is a beautiful place to visit, therefore if you are planning a vacation this summer give it a try.