Lighthouses of the Salish Sea

Things to Do

starfishThing to do around Salish Sea

If you are like really old or if you don’t keep up with current news I think you still think that the waters around British Columbia are still named “British Columbian waters”, if you still think that you should know that you are mistaken. You see back in 2010 the waters around British Columbia were renamed by the government and the natives commonly referred to as the First Nations to “Salish Sea”.

Take note this new name is used to indicate the whole area, this means that areas like Juan de Fuca guessing a guy named this area will keep their names.

Fun things to do in around Salish Sea: Party on the beach

We all love beach parties I know I do, if you don’t you should go out more. I read somewhere that these days’ people find beach cleaning fun, if you are into that sort of thing you should head over to Vancouver Island. Where you may get to meet Angelina Jolie and that guy she’s married to or even Halle Berry aka the original Storm when you are cleaning up the place, but there is no guarantee that that will happen.

But if you are not into manual labor in the name of saving the earth, you should just go and have fun on one of the many beaches in BC and don’t forget to bring a friend or two.

There is this place named Pacific Rim where according to movies creatures named “Kaijus” originate, that aside if you are into flawless beaches and surfing this is the place to be. The best time to visit this area that is located on the west coast of Vancouver island is during the summer, however, if you are not into sharing large open spaces with families and thrill seeker you can go during winter which I totally don’t recommend.

Another awesome thing to do here is to go on multi day hikes or kayaking, look at it this way, the area is home to one hundred islands, so there is something for everyone.

Whale watching

I know you think that whales don’t do much apart from swimming around and occasionally swallowing a guy named Jonah, but if you visit British Columbia you will discover that there is more to whales than what is stated above. The area is not home to whales only, the Salish Sea is also home to sea lions, seals, transient orca, porpoise and other mighty fishes and animals that are worth your time.

And did I mention that there are killer whales in the area? You know those whales that look like giant penguins, out here they enjoy the protected species tag.

If I was held at gun point and forced to write everything fun that you can do in and around Salish Sea, the gunman better pray that he or preferably she has very strong hands because the list is endless. You see the Salish Sea is made up of an intricate network of coastal waterways, in the northwest of sea you will find the U.S state of Washington and in the south western portion you will find British Columbia.

This simply means that it’s a big place with fun things to do therefore if you are planning a vacation; BC is the place to be.